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no. 366

no. 366

So this was me the day after I finished my 365. I was just that happy. As difficult as the 365 was, I’m very glad that I completed it. I learned a great deal about photography over the course of the year; I think I’m a better photographer for it. In the days since I finished, I’ve begun to comprehend the accomplishment and I’m quite proud of it. I’m truly grateful for all of your visits, for your congratulatory messages on day 365 but mainly for your encouragement throughout. 

I’ve been trying to figure out how to move forward with my photoblogs. Keeping two sites going is difficult but I have really enjoyed the freedom of focusing on photography here on photoDiurnalis. Being In Focus has always been about photography and writing–the posts take more time to complete. After giving it much thought over the last week I’ve decided to spend more time back on Being In Focus but will post images much more frequently, often without writing. I’ll keep photoDiurnalis alive and will provide a prominent link on Being In Focus to examine the 365 project. I’m also hoping to use photoDiurnalis for some future projects–single image a day, portrait projects, photo-documentary projects etc.

I’m excited about the future and I’m looking forward to spending more time with Being In Focus–my poor, forsaken first child.

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